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Digestion – our aim is to keep your horse in perfect condition

To maintain your horse in tip-top, perfect condition, our range of equine digestion supplements will prove invaluable. They include the finest feed balancer in a pot, In the Pink Powder, which addresses all aspects of your horse's gut and digestive health. Whether you are striving to keep your horse in perfect show ring condition, wanting to help him lose excess weight and inches, or looking to support an upset, sensitive gut, we have a digestive product to suit.

NAF Biotics
Price: £13.95 - £31.95

Combination of pre and probiotics designed to support the natural microbial repopulation of the gut. Contains legal live yeasts which are proven to support the health of the horse's gut.

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NAF Haylage Balancer
Price: £19.95 - £79.95

Comfort the unsettled horse, neutralize & absorb excess acids, soothe and settle the gut and help guard against gastric upset. Contains a unique digestive clay, includes antacids & live probiotic yeasts to optimise gut function. Also providing a broad spectrumof vitamins andminerals to balance the high fibre diet, Haylage Balancer is the only supplement your horse will need to maintain all round health and vitality.

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NAF In the Pink Senior
Price: £21.50 - £165.00

A very special formula carefully balanced to keep the older horse fit, healthy & in the pink.

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NAF Sand Gard
Price: £25.95 - £42.95

To support horses and ponies prone to gut stress when grazing on dry, sandy pasture.

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NAF GastriAid
Price: £27.95 - £137.95

for horses and ponies with a history of compromised gastric health, or when signs dictate.

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NAF In the Pink Powder
Price: £18.95 - £189.95

In the Pink Powder contains live probiotic yeast and prebiotics to optimise gut function and balance the diet, allowing your horse to fully utilize his feed intake and gain perfect condition. In the Pink Powder is the most cost effective feed balancer you can buy. Plus, it helps your horse optimise his diet. So you feed less and save on hard feed.

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NAF Slim
Price: £27.95


If your horse is prone to weight gain or he carries too much condition its likely you restrict his diet and grazing. Now, with new Slimline, you no longer have to compromise on his important nutritional needs. Formulated especially for horses and ponies who struggle to keep weight off, Slimline is designed to make up the shortfalls of a restricted diet, and more. NAF recommend that Slimlineis fed as part of a 'calorie controlled diet' combined with a correct management and exercise regime.

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NAF Thrive
Price: £12.95 - £27.95

Feed to horses and ponies when loose droppings, acid build up and recurrent gut stress are evident.

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