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Special offers for you and your horse.

Price: £74.95

Superb Offer £74.95

First Aid Bag with all the contents: Naturalintx poultice, Hoof poultice, Aloe Vera Purple Spay, Arnica Gel, MSM Ointment, Wound Cream, Cotton Wool and 2 X wrap. Excellent carry bag with room for accessories. A must for every horse owner and horse!

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Hands On Grooming Mitt
Price: £18.95

This is hands on grooming as you’ve never experienced it before!

HandsOn Gloves are a revolutionary concept that go far beyond traditional curry combs, mitts & scrubbers on the market today. Wet or dry, they won’t slip or fall off while providing an incredible grooming experience - as close to nature as you can get!

perfect combination of scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms
gets to grips with the toughest stains & winter coats
great de-sheder simply & easily releasing accumulated hair
massages muscles & stimulates circulation
use both hands simultaneously to groom
gloves tactile touch gently cleans sensitive areas like legs, faces & ears
easy to hold hose pipes & ropes
hands and fingernails stay clean and dry
give your horse a bonding & relaxing experience he won’t forget
folds away into pocket or grooming kit
HandsOn Gloves - simply a revolution in grooming and bathing!

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[ 3 ] Items