Horse Transport collection of a very special horse from Germany

Our most recent trip has been to Germany to collect a very special horse for a client. Our bespoke service meant a journey through France, Belgium, Holland and then into Germany all ready to collect early the next morning. This trip we took the ferry from Dover to Calais but our lorry (Reg) is able to travel on the Eurotunnel if our clients prefer. Our service means that once collected the horse has VIP treatment all the way back to UK direct from collection to drop off with constant monitoring on the camera and a close eye kept on the inside temperature to ensure comfort at all times as this trip it was really cold in Germany. Regular stops are made to personally check the horse and regular updates and photographs sent to the new owners. All clients are welcome to call the truck phone as many times as they need to to get updates and check the progress. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a quote for horse transport or wish to know more  about our services.

Germany Trip February 2017